Yoga MusicYoga Music: 75-Min Funky Indian Vinyasa Flow Playlist

Yoga Music: 75-Min Funky Indian Vinyasa Flow Playlist

Music in yoga practice is a matter of preference. Some like silence and feel that music distracts them. To others, it is a way of relaxing and reaching a meditative state.

The argument against music has to do with pratyahara, or sense withdrawal, the fourth of the eight limbs of yoga. While some would argue that music draws attention outwards and achieves the opposite of pratyahara, I believe that it can actually be rather beneficial. Music can set the mood, help to calm and focus the mind, and it can also drown out distracting outside noises, such as cars, chatter, and similar.

I personally love music. Most of the time, I enjoy teaching and practicing to a good playlist, and I like exploring new tunes that I can play in class. Here are some of my recently discovered songs that I’ve compiled into a 75-min vinyasa flow playlist. It’s Indian-themed, with traditional Indian instruments such as flutes and tabla drums spiced up by some modern beats.


I’ve added cues for what parts of yoga practice I believe the songs are suitable for, but you don’t need to stick to them. Feel free to do whatever feels right for you.

  1. “Om (Invocation Dub) Omstrumental” by MC YOGI: A calm tune to settle and set the intention for the practice.
  2.  “Tabla Breath” by Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt: A slow and gentle song suitable for meditation.
  3.  “One River” by Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt: The beat starts picking up, so it’s great to start moving and warming up.
  4.  “Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)” by Benjy Wertheimer & Michael Mandrell: The name of the song says it all 🙂
  5.  “Rebirth” by Midival Punditz: A slightly faster tempo for the standing sequence.
  6.  “You Are We Am I (Blue Mix)” by TJ Rehmi: Another piece for the standing sequence with a similar pace and beat.
  7.  “Beloved (Thievery Corporation Remix)” by Anoushka Shankar: Move towards the most challenging section of your practice.
  8.  “La Lune Rousse” by Fakear feat. Deva Premal: The most upbeat song of the playlist, great for doing the most challenging postures of your practice.
  9.  “Mangalam (Sean Dinsmore’s Chillums at Dawn Remix)” by Prem Joshua: The pace slows down, so you can transition to seated postures.
  10.  “For What It’s Worth (India Dub)” by DJ Drez feat. Joey Lugassy: Another song suitable for seated or supine poses, such as backbends.
  11.  “Nectar Drop” by DJ Drez: A slow-paced song for the final postures of your practice.
  12.  “Shanti (Savasana Dub) Omstrumental” by MC YOGI: A peaceful (shanti 🙂 ) piece for the Savasana.
  13.  “Saraswati Ma” by Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt: Here’s where you can start moving your way out of Savasana, slowly come to a seated position, and enjoy a few final moments in meditation.

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At the studio, I normally teach 75-minute classes; however, here is also a 30-minute adaptation if you’re looking for a much shorter practice.

Hope you enjoy it!

Let’s Talk!

Do you like music during yoga? What do you enjoy listening to when you practice? Feel free to leave any song or artist recommendations, too; I’m always open to new music suggestions.

75 Min Vinyasa Flow Yoga Music Playlist
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