Practice Yoga Without Leaving Home

Want to reap the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your home? I got you! Download my free guide with tips and tricks on how to start doing yoga at home.

Is This Guide for You?

Let's get to the grain. You can benefit from this free guide if you:​
YBK free guide

Don't have a local yoga studio nearby.​

Can't find studio classes that are compatible with your schedule.​

Don't like any of the classes (or, let's be honest, the teachers) at your local studio.​

Don't feel like you fit in with the local yoga community.​

Don't have anyone to leave your kids with.​

Would like a more affordable way of practicing yoga.​

Have tried doing yoga at home, but it didn't work out.​

Interested in doing yoga at home, but not sure where to begin?

What Will You Learn?

To make sure this is worth your time, I've packed my go-to tips for beginner and experienced yogis in 25 pages. Here are the goodies that you'll find inside:

The benefits of practicing yoga at home​

What you will need to practice yoga and what you can use instead if you don't have actual yoga props. (Spoiler alert: You can, but don't need to buy lots of fancy stuff.)​

What the different types of yoga are and a few pointers on figuring out which would be the best fit for you. ​

How to set up your home yoga space and make it yours.​

Where to find free or affordable yoga classes or sequence your own flows.​

Tips to make sure you don't abandon your home yoga practice two weeks in (because I've been there, too). ​

Take a peak inside 👇

Hi, there, I'm Karina.

I’m a certified yoga instructor, as well as a stay and work-at-home mom. Most of my personal yoga practice happens at home. Though, it hasn’t always been this way.

In over ten years since I first started practicing yoga, I abandoned my personal practice more time’s I’d like to admit, and it’s taken me time and effort to make it work for me.

I believe that a regular, judgment-free, and fun yoga practice can have a beneficial effect on all aspects of your life. So, I developed this free e-book so that you can skip the hassle, and establish a consistent and successful home yoga practice.

Ready to Make Yoga a Habit?

Why wait for the perfect time? Jump-start your home yoga journey today!​