Is This Free Guide for You?

You can benefit from this Free guide if:

  • You don't have a local yoga studio nearby.
  • Your local yoga studio's schedule is incompatible with yours.
  • You don't like any of the classes offered.
  • You don't have anyone to leave your kids with.
  • You would like to consider more affordable options.
  • You've tried doing yoga at home, but it didn't work out.

Interested in doing yoga at home, but not sure where to begin?

What Will You Find Inside?

  • What the benefits of practicing yoga at home are.
  • What equipment you will need.
  • What the different types of yoga are.
  • How to set up your home yoga space.
  • How to sequence your own yoga practice.
  • Tips to make your yoga practice at home more successful.

Take a peak inside 👇

Yoga is for everyone; jump-start your home yoga journey today!

Hi there, I'm Karina!

I'm a certified yoga instructor, and mostly work-at-home mom, and I'm here to help you start doing yoga at home. 

I believe that a consistent, judgement-free, and fun yoga practice can help you transform your life, which is why I developed this free e-book so that you too can benefit from this ancient practice.

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