10 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Very Special Yogi

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Did you know that science has proved that giving to others makes us happy? It doesn’t need to be anything huge or fancy, small and thoughtful gifts can be more than enough to show someone you really care about them. 

I personally am not a huge fan of the concept of Valentine’s Day. But still, I like doing something for my loved ones, even it’s as small as making heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

So, if you’re planning to surprise your yogi with something special or unique, here are some yogi approved Valentine’s Day gift ideas that won’t break your bank.

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

1. Bath Bombs

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

A Set of 12 Organic Bath Bombs in a Gift Ready Box

Baths have a long history and for a valid reason. There are numerous advantages of taking a bath, such as better heart health and circulation, improved breathing, pain relief, moisturized skin and hair, and last, but not last relaxation.

Bath bombs are a mixture of salts, essential oils, and other ingredients that dissolve in water by fizzing for a few minutes. They can be relaxing, moisturizing, and even immune boosting or detoxifying.

If your special yogi’s home is equipped with a bathtub, bath bombs can make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Choose bath bombs from natural and organic ingredients, and I’m pretty sure they won’t go wasted.

Here are some ideas:

2. Candles

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Nag Champa Scented Handmade Soy Wax Candle

Candles can add a special vibe to the bath time, a relaxing evening, a romantic dinner for two, or even a Netflix&chill night.

Here are some ideas:

3. Mala Beads

Merakalpa Mala Kit

Mala is a garland of 108 beads that has been used in Hinduism and Buddhism for thousands of years as a means of keeping the mind focused during meditation.

Your yogi can use a mala not only in their meditation practice but also wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. 

Malas from quality materials can sometimes cost quite a fortune; so, here are some under 60$ that I like:

  • Merakalpa Mala Making Kit – great for someone crafty; instead of a mala, this is a kit that contains everything your yogi needs to make their own mala from US-sourced gemstones. It’s slightly over $60, but you can use code KARINA15 to get a 15% discount and support me as well.
  • Rose Quartz and Rudraksha Bead Mala – Rudraksha are seeds from trees in the Himalayas used in traditional Hindu mala necklaces
  • Jasper and Cherry Quartz Mala – handmade boho-style mala

4. Mantra Bracelets

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Personalized Cuff Bracelets

A mantra is a positive statement or affirmation that can be used during meditation, and also as motivation or encouragement. It can be a phrase, quote, or saying.

Pick one that you like or choose your special yogi’s favorite to be stamped on as personalized text. You can go for a single bracelet or a stack of them. They look great either way.

These are some mantra bracelet ideas to consider for a Valentine’s Day gift:

5. Mug

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Namaslay All Day Mug

Is your yogi a tea or coffee lover? Then, a mug for their beverage of choice can warm up their hands, belly, and heart (because it’ll remind them of the person they got it from – you:) ).

These are some designs that I like:

6. Tank or Sweatshirt

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Avocado Sweatshirt

A garb for yoga practice is a very practical gift idea for pretty much any yogi.

We move lots and sweat during yoga practice, especially in styles such as Vinyasa. So, having an extra tank in the closet is always good.

And sweatshirts are nice to have during warm-up, cool down, and Savasana, especially in the colder months.

Here are a few options for her:

… and some for him:

7. Phone Case

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Mandala Phone Case

Yoga may be an ancient discipline, but your special yogi will still use a phone in their daily life.

A case for it can be a gift that will not only protect their phone from bumps and scratches, but also will remind them of you.

Here are some of my ideas for cases that can be a great Valentine’s Day gift:

8. Meal Kit

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Shushaka. Source: PixaBay

If you’re both into food, then, instead of getting a restaurant reservation, you can make Valentine’s Day dinner into a fun cooking experience together.

Meal kits are basically food boxes with all the necessary pre-measured ingredients for dishes that you choose. There’s no need to look for any products or make sure you have the right proportions, just follow the recipe and use what’s in the box.

Even if your meal turns out to be a disaster, you can still have a great time together and share laughs over some pizza or any other Plan B meal.

Meal kits usually start at $9.99 per serving and include meat, fish, and plant-based versions. HelloFresh is available in several countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, and Germany, but do a search online and see if there’s a better alternative where you live.

9. Potted Plants

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

Succulents. Told you they look cute 🙂 

Flowers are a go-to Valentine’s day gift for many; though, the sad thing is that they don’t last long.

So, instead of cut flowers, you can give a plant in a nice pot. Your options are wide.

You can go for something more delicate such as an orchid or an actual rose plant. If your yogi isn’t good with plants (kind of like me), succulents are easy to take care of and look really cute in their tiny pots.

Bamboos and spider plants are resilient, too. You can even choose herbs planted in beautiful pots if you’re planning to surprise someone who likes cooking because there’s nothing quite like adding fresh herbs to your meals.

Or, if you’re not quite sure what plant to buy, chat with the vendor and they’ll most likely be able to recommend one that suits your special person’s lifestyle and personality.

10. Card

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Yogi

I’m Head Over Heels for You Card

Remember those old times before cell phones and social media when people used to send each other cards for birthdays and holidays?

As simple as that, a card can be a really nice and unexpected addition to pretty much any Valentine’s Day gift.

Choose your favorite print or make your own card, and write all the nice thing that you can think of.

These are a few designs of my choice:

Let’s Talk!

What are you considering getting your special yogi this Valentine’s Day? Do you have any other gift ideas that you can add to the list?

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