Gift GuidesChristmas Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for a Pregnant Yogi

Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for a Pregnant Yogi

During my first pregnancy, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I don’t recall what exactly I said, but it was something baby-related. He responded to that: “No, no, that’s something for the baby. What do YOU want?”

And, to be honest, he was actually so right. Often, it’s easy to get a future mom something that she will need for the baby. And while it can be absolutely useful, how about the future mom herself?

Because, let’s face it, growing a little human isn’t easy. It can be very stressful and exhausting.

So, why not choose something that the future mom will appreciate? And if you still want to get something for the baby in addition to that, that will definitely be appreciated.

Christmas Gift Guide for a Pregnant Yogi

1. Pampering

Pregnancy is not always as glorious as it may seem. Yes, you get glowing skin and thicker hair. But you also may experience morning sickness, heartburn, lower back pain, bloating, and constipation. And obviously, with every month, it gets harder to perform simple everyday tasks like walking up the stairs.

Therefore, pampering the mom-to-be is number 1 on my Christmas gift guide. You can choose a massage, mani-pedi, SPA, or beauty treatment in your area.

Just make sure to let them know that it’s a gift for a pregnant lady so that there are no unexpected surprises. For instance, after the first trimester, pregnant women can’t lie on their stomachs (obviously) and neither on their backs for a long time (check out the description of gift #3 if you wonder why). So, the place should be ready for that.

2. Body Care Products

Another way of pampering a mom-to-be is by giving her body care products. These can be body lotions, body butters, natural deodorants, bath bombs, and more.

Make sure you’re choosing products that contain natural and organic ingredients. Our skin absorbs pretty much anything that we put on it, including harmful chemicals that may be present in beauty products. You don’t want that at any time during your life, but especially during pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep is another aspect of a woman’s life that can greatly suffer during pregnancy. Especially in the second and third trimesters. There are multiple reasons for that, such as frequent peeing, back pain, breast tenderness, cramps, heartburn, and nausea.

The bigger the baby gets, the more movement there is inside the belly. That, too, can affect the quality of sleep.

A mom-to-be also can only lie on her sides. Lying on the stomach is a no-no due to the expanding belly. Lying on the back isn’t good, either. The growing belly can compress the vena cava, a large vein that runs under the uterus. This can lower blood pressure and may even limit blood supply to the baby.

But because of constant sleeping on the sides, the lower back may suffer. And because of looser joints, sleeping on the sides can be uncomfortable on the joints as well.

Well, you get it. Sleeping during pregnancy usually sucks.

The answer to that (or at least some help) is a pregnancy pillow. It provides some extra support and comfort. And it can also be used for nursing when the baby arrives.

There are numerous options of pregnancy pillows available both online (such as this pregnancy body pillow) and in local stores such as Target.

4. Prenatal Yoga Classes

You didn’t think I would make a Christmas gift guide and leave out yoga, right? I’m a yoga teacher after all :). But that’s not the only reason. There are several pregnancy yoga benefits that positively affect the body and mind.

You can check out if any of your local yoga studios offer prenatal yoga. Or you can also choose a pregnancy yoga DVD.

Even if your pregnant yogi already attends a yoga class, prenatal yoga can bring a new dimension to their practice. It will also ensure safe modifications for pregnancy and help rewind and connect with the baby.

5. Maternity Yoga Wear

Throughout both of my pregnancies, I had a hard time finding clothes that I would like and feel comfortable in.

For the most part, I was simply wearing my regular clothes that would still fit, and I ended up wearing the same things pretty much all the time.

Maternity wear that’s high quality and looks good is not that widely available. The same goes for yoga wear. While you can find tons of yoga wear online, not all of that will suit during pregnancy.

The options for yoga maternity clothes aren’t that wide. And the ones that are available often look like you gave up on style when you got pregnant.

Therefore, a nice and comfortable pair of pregnancy yoga pants or other yoga wear will for sure be greatly appreciated. If you find a nice, comfortable bra or maternity top to go with it, that’s even better!

6. Maternity Jewelry

It’s often hard to look good when you are pregnant. Either nothing really fits, or you may not be feeling that well and lack the energy to try that hard.

A nice piece of jewelry could be a simple yet thoughtful addition to any outfit. There are plenty of options available on e-commerce websites such as Etsy as well as in local stores to match different styles and preferences.

I personally like minimalistic jewelry such as this birthstone bar necklace or this linked circle family necklace. You can also go for bracelets and rings, but the latter may be harder to choose if you don’t know the right size.

7. Prenatal Photo Session

A prenatal photo shoot can be a great way to memorize the pregnancy for the years to come. And it can also serve as a great decoration.

Check out the photographers in your area who specialize in prenatal or family photography, and choose the one whose style you enjoy the most.

8. Pregnancy Yoga Book

If your pregnant yogi is into yoga and books, then a pregnancy yoga book can be a great gift.

The mom-to-be can read it out loud to both herself and the baby. Between 23-27 weeks, the baby can hear sounds from outside the belly, and they can recognize their mother’s voice. That’s an excellent way to connect with the baby before it’s even born!

Yoga Mama is a great read on general yoga practice. It provides pregnancy insights, modifications, as well as various yoga sequences for all trimesters.

Meanwhile, Yoga Sadhana for Mothers can be more suitable for Ashtanga practitioners who’d like to continue their Ashtanga practice throughout their pregnancy.

9. Yogi Subscription Box

You have probably heard a lot about pregnancy cravings. Women tend to crave some of the weirdest foods while they are pregnant. However, they don’t need to be unhealthy such as sugar-loaded candy bars. You can also make a cravings basket from healthy items.

Or you could get a subscription box. It is a great way of getting a collection of things that a yogi will like without needing to seek these products yourself. Plus, subscription boxes come for a price that’s lower than their actual value.

There are different types of boxes available such as the Yogi Surprise Box, which contain healthy snacks, body care products, essential oils, and more. What exactly is inside is always a surprise.

10. Lucky Iron Fish

Many people suffer from iron deficiency, but pregnant women have an even higher risk of that. During pregnancy, the amount of blood increases by about 50%, and the lack of iron in it can prevent the proper absorption of nutrients.

The common solution to that is an iron supplement. However, those can upset the stomach and cause constipation.

The Lucky Iron Fish can be an alternative to conventional supplements. It can be used to make iron-enriched drinking water as well as when cooking food.

Make sure you buy an authentic Lucky Iron Fish. They test each batch for any harmful chemicals that may be present in the iron.

Since it’s Christmas, here’s a little gift for you as well – a bonus idea on the Christmas gift guide.

BONUS: Pregnancy Journal

The modern lifestyle is very demanding, stressful, and fast-paced. Often, it can be quite hard to simply relax and enjoy the pregnancy.

Journaling, on the other hand, can be very beneficial for mental well-being. It can help deal with stress, anxiety, and depression and even improve self-confidence (which, due to so many changes in the body, can greatly suffer during pregnancy). Journaling can also save memories for the future.

I personally like this pregnancy journal because it guides you through the development of the baby, and this pregnancy countdown journal because it has lots of interesting writing prompts.

Let’s Talk!

What are you getting this Christmas for your pregnant yogi? Do you have any other great ideas that my Christmas gift guide is missing? Feel free to let me know.


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