“Self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you.”

Hey, yogi! I’m Karina. I am a certified yoga instructor and pre- and postnatal specialist. I help busy moms and moms-to-be feel better and stronger with yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques.

My yoga journey began in my mid-twenties, kind of by accident. My colleague asked me to join a class with her, and I didn’t want to be rude and reluctantly agreed.

I’d never done yoga before and didn’t think I’d enjoy it. I thought that yoga was just mild stretching, and I was more into weights, gym, jogging, and getting a good sweat. Yoga? Nah, boring…

However, I instantly fell in love with what I later discovered to be Vinyasa Yoga. Initially, my practice was purely physical. However, I gradually started noticing how it was doing wonders for my mental health, as well.

A few years later, I decided to wrap up my career as an international English teacher and got certified as a yoga instructor in Goa, India. 

And then, I became I mom, an experience that’s been both challenging and rewarding. My husband and I were building two businesses at once from our living room while I was teaching yoga at a local studio on the side. Due to little free time, self-care and my personal yoga practice went out of the window.

When the pandemic hit, I found myself in severe burnout. Performing even a few simple tasks would leave me drained, and e-mail and Slack notifications would cause terrible anxiety spikes.

Things had to be changed. Moreover, my little humans observe and soak up everything I do. I realized that if I wanted them to develop healthy habits, I had to provide a good example to them.

I had to fill my cup first to better show up for my loved ones. So, I started incorporating yoga, fitness, mindfulness, and small self-care habits back into my life, everything that I teach my students through my online yoga membership and 1-on-1 classes

Over the years, yoga has helped me stay in shape, gain confidence, and improve my mental well-being. I feel stronger now, after several pregnancies, than I’d ever been before.

I firmly believe that yoga can be beneficial for everyone. However, working with women during their pregnancy and beyond brings me the most joy.

My mission is to help busy moms and moms-to-be establish a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice to be better role models for their little ones and better show up for those they love. I do this by translating ancient yoga wisdom into relatable and straightforward everyday terms and making physical yoga practice safe, fun, well-rounded, and accessible.

I'm Not Just About the Yoga

A few completely random, non-yoga facts about me:

There are plenty of greens in my diet, but I’m not vegan.

I've been bitten by a travel bug. Iceland, India, and Ireland are some of my favorite places.

The world is better with music, especially rock music.

When it comes to cats and dogs, I’m definitely a dog person.

I read a lot, primarily non-fiction.

Does it sound like we share values and would get along?

My Teaching Style

The Yin & the Yang​

Though my personal practice and teaching style are constantly evolving, they are based on the Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga systems. To complement the active yang practice, I also teach Yin classes. They are slow and have a greater emphasis on relaxation and flexibility.

Make It Creative & Fun

I design creative and dynamic sequences that focus on improving flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance. They combine classic yoga poses with more challenging ones. Most classes are suitable for all levels and have plenty of options for modifications.

Down to Earth with a Dash of Science

You won’t hear much Sanskrit nor the usual mumbo-jumbo. However, expect complete classes with meditation, breathwork, a good Savasana, plenty of Chaturangas, and occasional drills. I’m a bit of a science nerd; so, a focus on anatomy and biomechanics is a staple.

Kind Words from Past Students

Julia In-person studio classes

I love Karina's Yin classes. They are so soothing and relaxing. Exactly what I need after a stressful week working at the hospital.

Ana In-person studio classes

Karina is a very knowledgeable and skillful teacher. Within just a few months of attending Karina's classes, I was able to improve my strength and flexibility more than I had in my previous years of practicing yoga.

Eva In-person studio classes

Karina's classes are challenging but well-planned and creative. You'll get a sweat, won't get bored, and will definitely feel in the next day.