Hello, yogi!

Hello, yogi!

I’m Karina. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am a certified yoga instructor, helping people transform their lives through yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques.

Yoga has provided me with the tools I need to balance everyday life, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. My aim to share what I have learned with others, particularly with women during their pregnancy and beyond.

Welcome to my yoga world!


Meet Karina

I was born and raised in the Latvian countryside. Until the age of 23, I did everything that was expected of me – graduate, get a well-paying job, an apartment, and a car. On the surface, it may have seemed that I had it all together. Yet, I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and fed up living someone else’s dream.


My urge to explore the world lead me to leave behind the life I had established in my home country to travel and live in different corners of the globe. I was an au-pair for two hyperactive boys in Spain, volunteered at a community center working with troubled youth in Spain and at a Buddhist boarding school in Northern India, taught English in Madrid, the capital of Spain, backpacked around Southeast Asia for months with barely any plans, worked in China for three years, changed careers, and co-founded a business. I am very grateful for all these experiences because they helped me grow as a person and become who I am today.


Now, I’m a certified yoga instructor. I married and am a mom of two, living in the south of Spain.


Some random facts:


I’ve always loved to be active. In school, I used to dance and play basketball and volleyball. Now, in addition to my yoga practice, I also do HIIT and weightlifting.


When it comes to cats and dogs, I definitely a dog person.


I like both the beach and the mountains. I love hiking and mountain climbing, and I’m also a certified diver.


There are lots of plants in my diet, but I’m not vegan. I drink both smoothies and coffee, eat gluten and dairy, won’t say no to a raw chocolate avocado cake, and with equally as much enthusiasm will indulge in a good quality burger or pizza every once in a while.


I love reading. Nonfiction is my favorite.

Karina and Yoga

My yoga journey began in my mid-twenties while I lived and worked as an English teacher in Madrid, Spain. A former colleague of mine asked me to join a class with her.


I’d never done yoga before and didn’t think it would be something that I’d enjoy. Instagram didn’t exist yet, and I thought that yoga was just mild stretching. I was more into weights, gym, jogging, and getting a good sweat. Yoga? Nope, not for me.


Luckily though, I agreed. I was instantly in love with what I later discovered to be Vinyasa Yoga. It combined strength, flexibility, balance, and flow that I liked about athletics, weightlifting, and dance.


Initially, my practice was purely physical. However, I gradually started noticing how it was doing wonders to the stress, anxiety, and depression that I’d been dealing with for years. Yoga encouraged me to make healthier food choices and take better care of myself. It also made me a happier, more compassionate, and caring person.


When I met my future husband Mike, our entrepreneurial ventures pushed me to wrap up my career as an international English teacher, and fully dive into pursuing my passion for yoga.


I decided to go to the source and birthplace of yoga – India – and completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kranti Yoga in sunny Goa.

About YBK

Over the years, yoga has helped me to stay in shape, gain confidence, deal with stress, depression, and anxiety. I became kinder, more caring, grounded, and exponentially more positive. It has also been something that I can do together with my little ones.


Therefore, I’m sharing my knowledge and experience so that you too to reap the benefits of this ancient discipline.


My goal is to translate the ancient yoga wisdom into simple and relatable everyday terms and make the physical yoga practice safe, fun, well-rounded, and accessible. So that you can establish a successful practice with accessible and easy-to-follow classes that you can take from the comfort of your home (backyard, office, or hotel room). No matter what your level, experience, or amount of free time is.

Teaching Style

Though my personal practice and teaching style are constantly evolving, they based on the Ashtanga and Vinyasa system.


I design creative, dynamic, and safe sequences that consist of classic and attainable postures. Then, I gradually build up toward more challenging and advanced poses, while providing options for modifications along the way.


Through my classes, I focus on improving flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance. I also incorporate guided meditation and breathing exercises to help my students turn their practice inwards and develop body awareness.


To complement the active yang practice, I teach Yin and Restorative Yoga classes. They have a greater emphasis on relaxation and flexibility.

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